Hanuma Skin Tea: the key to have a radiant skin

Hanuma Skin Tea: the key to have a radiant skin


Hanuma Tea: the key to have a radiant skin  


The skin is the largest organ on our bodies, it is surprisingly almost two square meters and can weigh up to 4 kilos. Furthermore, it is completely and constantly exposed to the outside world.

Our skins’ job is to protect us from all those harmful external agents, it is able to repair and lubricate itself, it can even expel a large amount of waste from our body.


An important question to ask is: Are we really giving it the attention it deserves? Are we taking enough care of it so that it does not get damaged? Probably not. But don't worry, here are some tips so that you can give your skin the attention and care it deserves. Believe me, it will later thank you for it.

 Let's get started!

How can I best care for and cleanse my skin?

When searching for skincare products, you can find that companies have designed each of them for dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin, and extra delicate skin. That may give you the hint that not all skins are the same, so the care we provide them should be customized to the individual characteristics of each one.

Nourish, cleanse, and protect, follow these rules, and you will be giving good basic care to your skin.

1. Start by detoxifying and nourishing your skin from within.

Aspects such as hydration, elasticity, and radiance will largely depend on how we nourish and detoxify our bodies. If every organ in our body functions healthily, then so does our skin.

Detoxifying our body involves ridding it of those harmful substances that are attacking its physical and mental performance, settling in its cells, and weakening its immune system. The effect of these noxious substances is normally reflected in the skin.

 By detoxifying, these harmful substances are removed from the blood circulation, liver, intestines, skin, kidneys, lymphatic system, and lungs. One of the most recommended ways to detoxify is with natural tea.

 And it is precisely at this point I want to tell you about Clear Skin Tea, which is a totally natural tea. Thanks to its more than 14 100% organic mountain herbs, it is ideal to detoxify the body and allow you to have pretty, radiant skin.

It is also important to consume foods rich in vitamin A, C, and E, such as whole grains or olive oil, as well as seeds rich in fatty acids that definitely provide numerous nutrients. Drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, as well as eating juicy fruits such as watermelon or melon, will help us to keep our skin fully hydrated.

2. Protect it from external agents and aggressions.

It is necessary to apply your sunscreen, even in the winter seasons. It is certain that the sun provides numerous benefits for our bodies. However, if the skin is not protected from its rays, it can cause sunburn, sunspots, and accelerate aging.

Keep in mind that the sun is not the only external agent that can damage your skin. Tobacco smoke, pollution, or even stress can also cause terrible damage.

 In the case of external aggressions such as pollution. It is important that you properly clean your skin when you get home with a face-friendly product. All this regardless of whether you are wearing makeup or not.

1. Keep it clean

Try to clean your skin with the appropriate products, they will help you protect your neutral pH. Pay attention to the more sensitive zones of your body, -your face, for example- all this in order to avoid its deterioration.

 You can also exfoliate your skin to keep it clean. You can do it once or twice a week, in order to soften and remove all those dead cells. Remember to use a product that works for your skin type, and make sure that is not too aggressive to avoid damage.

Moisturize during the day and nourish at night.

Moisturizing during the day will provide the skin with the necessary water to protect it from harmful external agents. Try also applying our Hanuma Face Serum product. Its natural and 100% organic ingredients will moisturize your skin in the best way.

Nourishing the skin at night has great importance: during the night, our body is still working to repair all those damages suffered during the day. While we sleep, the drainage and micro-circulation of the skin are activated.

 To see better results, you can apply our Hanuma Rose Oil, its incredible natural ingredients will allow you to nourish your skin in a much more effective way and help your body work on your skin while you rest.

The more natural products, the better!

As we know, there are plenty of plants that are able to rejuvenate the skin, in addition to helping it always remain in excellent condition.

That is why there is nothing like carrying out a daily routine with natural products. Furthermore, if you complement it with a balanced diet, your skin will definitely be super hydrated and free of toxins.


Give your skin the care it deserves, nourish, protect and clean with natural products and remember that the first step is to cleanse your body of harmful toxins. Be sure to try Hanuma Skin Tea !

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