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Aromatherapy Bath Salt-Milk Bath- Anti stress therapy- Spa time

Aromatherapy Bath Salt-Milk Bath- Anti stress therapy- Spa time

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Introducing Aromatherapy Bath Salt – the perfect way to relax and treat yourself! This powerful blend of grounded sea salt, milk powder and essential oils will not only nourish your skin but also help detoxify the body. Specially formulated with vetiver essential oil, this luxurious soak will provide a calming and therapeutic experience. Use it as part of your nightly wind-down routine or whenever you need to take a minute for yourself.

For those looking for natural remedies, this bath salt offers emotional healing that can reduce stress levels when used in a hot bath. The essential oil component is individually selected to promote rejuvenation and restore inner balance. Feel free to close your eyes and let the aroma transport you somewhere blissful! Cleanse away toxins while releasing tension in both the mind and body with this organic treatment. For the ultimate self-care session, pair our Aromatherapy Bath Salt with a warm cup of herbal tea for winding down after a long day.

Treat yourself to an incredible way of relaxation with Aromatherapy Bath Salt – available now!

Ingredients: epson salt, citric acid, himalayan salt, milk powder, arrowroot powder, silk powder, blend of essential oils, botanicals, water, vegetable glycerin.

Weight 5 oz

How to use: Dissolve 2-3 spoon of Aromatherapy Bath Salt


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