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Body Atom

Bath Bomb Salt- Bath Time- Calming- Natural

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Soak away the stresses of your day with our luxurious bath boom salt. Our all-natural ingredients will provide you with a spa-like experience, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Your worries vanish as soon as you feel the intriguing blend of scents. Each aroma has been carefully selected to bring out the natural, therapeutic benefits each ingredient provides. This unique and delightful combination is perfectly packaged in our delectable bath booms. Once submerged in warm water, the bath boom fizzles and releases its heavenly smell. Give yourself permission to enjoy this moment of peaceful bliss while your muscles relax and release tension. Softly glowing colors will remind you of tranquil gardens, warm sand, and exotic flowers. Laugh if you must at these fun creations—their delightful shapes are sure to bring a smile to your face as they dance around like playful dolphins in the water. Our one-of-a-kind bath booms provide more than peace and serenity—they’re powerfully designed to deeply nourish your body by using only nature’s best ingredients. Why settle for anything less? Let yourself fall in love with our beautifully crafted bath booms that are sure to turn your every bath into an experience worth remembering!
Ingredients: epson salt, citric acid, silk powder, almond oil, mica mineral, essential oils, sodium lactate, water, arrowroot powder. 
Color: pink 

Weight: 5 oz

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