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Body Atom

Black Seed Moisturizing Organic Cream

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Black Seed Organic Cream

Introducing our all purpose Black seed cream!

This cream is made from black seed oil and has many skin health skin benefits. It has high anti-inflammatory properties. Also works as scrub, piling, mask great for deep moisturizing.

This cream is perfect for those who are looking for an all-in-one solution for their skin care needs. The black see oil in this cream helps to reduce inflammation and redness, while the scrubbing properties of the cream help to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin. Black seed cream is also great for moisturizing, as it helps to lock moisture and keep the skin hydrated.

If you’re looking for natural and effective way to improve your skin health, then this cream is perfect for you!


Key Features:

Ingredients include various organic oils like shea organic unrefined butter, organic unrefined black seed oil, and organic unrefined jojoba oil
Our moisturizing cream contains no artificial colorants or fragrances
A natural remedy for dark spots, acne, redness, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and blackheads
Benefits all skin types as it brings out a youthful glow



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