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Hanuma Me Time

Hanuma Me Time

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Hanuma Harmony

   Roll on parfum- Essential oil blend

Release your sense of inner peace with Hanuma Harmony! This unique roll-on parfum brings you a serenity like never before: made from a blend of essential oils and aromatic scents, this mix of citrusy and sweet smells will make all your stresses melt away. It's what you need to reach that state of ultimate relaxation and calm — just the perfect way to feel harmonious. The lightweight formula is easy to use and fast-absorbing, using warmth from your own body for optimal longevity, meaning you won't have to worry about making frequent reapplications throughout the day. Roll on Hanuma Harmony whenever you're feeling overwhelmed and let yourself relish in its calming vibes. Life may not be perfect, but with Hanuma Harmony, you'll come close!

Weight 1.3 oz

Apply only on the skin. Once you apply the real scent note you will feel after 10-15 minutes. 

Hanuma Me Time

If you are looking to bring some peace and calm into your life, Hanuma Me Time is the perfect product for you. Our luxurious, exotic blend of essential oils has been carefully crafted with one goal in mind – helping you relax and decompress from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our unisex roll-on parfum is infused with aromatherapy that creates a soothing scent of earthiness to help soothe the senses. Not only does it provide a tranquil atmosphere, it also offers a subtle yet satisfying aroma that calms stress levels. Whether you're at home, work or on the go, Hanuma Me Time will bring serenity wherever you choose to use it. Allowing yourself to indulge in just a few minutes of “me time” every day can make all the difference in your wellbeing and peace of mind. Experience beautiful aromas as soon as you open the bottle, and relax knowing you are taking time for yourself!

Net Wt 1.3 oz


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