Hanuma Natural Skin Care Line

Would you love your skin to return to its natural glow and radiance? Perfect! Hanuma is the brand that lets you achieve just that.

Hanuma is home to a wide range of handmade natural skin care products that are effective and harmles to the skin. Made meticulously, with all skin types in mind, Hanuma made products restore your skins flexibility and elasticity, increase moisture retention, reduce degeneration and improves overall apperance.

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Bio Texture Mist

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Açaí Soap Bar / Luxurious Soap Bar / Artisan Soap/ Calming SoapAçaí Soap Bar / Luxurious Soap Bar / Artisan Soap/ Calming Soap
  • Face Oils

    Facial oils are used to make skin moisturized as they are designed for penetrating the structure of skin. Thanks to this ability, nutrients, which are essential for the skin, can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

    Beauty products don"t have to contain harsh chemicals to be effective. Discover facial oils that are alcohol free, contain organic unrefined ingredients and deliver results.

    Know what you are putting on your skin.

    Experience the difference TODAY.

  • Cold processed soaps

    Some of the are creamy and have a perfect clean cut, others have great lather with a "raw" look. All of them have one purpose, and that is to clean.

    Hanuma soaps are handmade cold processed soap, made with finest organic unrefined oils and butters. It takes up to four to six weeks for saponification agent to evaporate. Soaps are made in small batches in order to preserve essential qualities of the ingredients.

    Adding to that, many of them are made out of herbal infusion. The herbal infusion is made "old way". It usually takes four to six weeks for herbs to soak in the oils, then straining process to remove herbs and impurities from oils. At the end, to make herbal soap from scratch it takes up to 12 weeks, but it makes a big difference on your skin.

    Hanuma soaps are made with passion, and love in order to provide a good quality products in unique way.