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Comfrey Salve- Relieve balm- Natural remedies- Pain reliever salve

Comfrey Salve- Relieve balm- Natural remedies- Pain reliever salve

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Organic / Natural / Relieve Salve /

Do you have knee, back, vain pain??
Quick relief in a most natural way.  
Comfrey Salve is all purpose herbal salve made from infusion of comfrey, St. John and blend of essential oils.

Introducing Comfrey Salve – the natural remedy for sore muscles and pain relief! Our salve is rich in muscle-soothing ingredients, so it can help reduce inflammation and give you a better range of motion. We've infused olive oil with camphor, wintergreen, and ginseng essential oils – some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory oils out there! If you are looking for an all-natural remedy to help your tired and painful muscles feel better fast, comfrey salve is right on spot.

This incredible product provides an effective yet gentle means of comfort when applied topically. Not only will it soothe affected areas, but it will also help improve your circulation and reduce inflammation that often leads to muscle aches. From joint stiffness and neck cramps to sore backs, comfrey salve is the perfect solution!

So start doing away with creams loaded with drugs side effects by using this all-natural remedy. Get ready for natural relief that really works - no more painkillers needed! Try our comfrey salve today for the best results you'll ever experience!

How to use; Comfrey salve is the best to use after shower while the skin is still wet apply on thin layer and gently massage the painful area for 15 minutes. After use wash your hands with the soap.

Keep away from children. 
Do not apply on face.

Expiration date: one year of purchasing Comfrey Salve

Weight: 2.8 oz




100% free of any chemicals 

Halal / Kosher 


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